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Playgroups for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Play groups and play dates are great ways to meet new parents of multiples (POMs) and for your little ones to meet new friends!  MPPOM currently has very active groups for Toddler Times (TT 1-2.5 yrs old) and Parents of Preschoolers (POP 2.5-5 yrs old).We offer playdates, field trips, potlucks, and topical meetings on such hot-button issues as discipline and potty-training! 

Speakers Series/Parent Education

Our Speakers Series features parenting topics eight to ten times per year - free to members!   We partner with Parents Place of San Mateo and Palo Alto to bring you discussions, lectures, and workshops on topics such as child development, discipline, potty training, Kindergarten readiness and maintaining a healthy marriage while raising multiples.  All events are featured on the Big Tent Evets page.  See our Parent Education page for more info and a calendar.

Family Socials

MPPOM hosts numerous family-friendly parties each year. These events are the biggest all-club events each year and aren't to be missed!  Each theme party is typically held at a local park and has various activities for all ages of children from babies on up!  Spring Fling, Summer Picnics, Pizza Night Socials, Halloween costume swap, Halloween parade & party and more.

Helping Hands

Through Helping Hands, we help those who are having difficulty managing the financial burden of multiples.  This philanthropic program provides families with donated clothing and equipment and a free one-year club membership to those in need.  Please visit the Philanthropy/Helping Hands page to learn more about this program, how we can help you and how you can donate.

POM's Night/Mornings Out
Ready to party without your multiples...among other parents who know all about how special that opportunity is?  Join us for one of our periodic Parents' Nights Out, Mom’s outing or Dads’ Night Out.  Typically held at a restaurant, the locations of these fun events are held throughout the Peninsula.

School-Aged Multiples (SAMies)

This subgroup is specifically for parents with school-aged children to discuss life after preschool.

Multiples +
Do you have twins, triplets, plus a toddler?   Or older twins and a new singleton?  Juggling 3, 4 or more children under the age of 3 is challenging.  This group occasionally meets to ask questions, offer advice and share

Lending Closets

Need something for your upcoming vacation?  Looking to borrow seasonal items?  Items you can borrow include snow clothes, sleds, Go-Go Kids Travelmates and camping gear. or

Expectant & New Parents

Expectant Parents of Multiples Meetings

Every month, MPPOM hosts an Expectant Parents of Multiples (POMs) Meeting.  All members and potential members who are expecting multiple babies are welcome to attend this informal meeting.  In this casual setting, you’ll receive support and advice on topics such as how to prepare for  babies arrival, prenatal care, delivery, newborn care, hiring child care, baby equipment and infant feeding and sleeping.  Meetings are held monthly at alternating Palo Alto and Redwood City locations.

New Parents of Multiples Meetings
All expectant POMs and POMs with children under 12 months are invited to attend the New POM's Meetings.  This informal group meets monthly to discuss the joys and the challenges of the first year of parenting multiples.  Parents share support and advice on feeding, sleeping, getting out with more than one baby, traveling, baby products, dealing with extended family and how to navigate conflicting baby advice and more.  Expectant parents can get ideas on how prepare for their babies, and they get a first-hand look at other parents caring for multiples.  Most importantly, new parents get the chance to meet other new POMs, making great friendships and connections.  Moms and dads are welcome to come with or without their babies, and helpers are always welcome.  Sorry, older children cannot attend. Meets at Sequoia Health & Wellness Center, 749 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063.

Buddies & Bedrest Program
Each new or expectant parent of multiples (POM) can be matched with a buddy -- an experienced parent with older multiples who knows exactly what you are going through because they've "been there."  Our Buddy Coordinator can match you with an experienced POM member who has faced similar circumstances, including bedrest, TTTS, NICU, special needs, parenting multiples after singletons, and single parenting. All new members are welcomed to find a buddy! Buddies can offer resources, wisdom, insights and bit of humor to help expectant POMs traverse the new and exciting world of multiples.  Buddies offer support through phone chats, email updates and visits.  Buddies and their expectant POMs enjoy the camaraderie from the very special bond of raising multiples.

Preemie Closet Lending Program

The Preemie Closet is a valuable resource to our teeniest members who are just a wee bit too small for standard newborn attire.  The Closet accepts donations from preemies who've outgrown their tiny clothing and lends them to new parents of multiples in need.

New Family Visits Program
Learn about the joys and challenges of parenting newborn multiples from an MPPOM veteran. Our New Family Visits Program introduces new parents of multiples to a club member and provides an enjoyable visit where you can chat and swap stories. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the club and talk to a parent who knows exactly how you're feeling.

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