supporting families of the san francisco peninsula through
the adventure of raising twins, triplets and more!
Donation Drop-Off Day

  • ​Bring your donations to our next Donation Drop-Off Day in June 2018
  • Volunteers are needed that morning to help sort the donations for the next Open Garage for the Helping Hands families. If you can help, please contact
  • The next Open Garage will be held in mid-June 2018
  • If you would like to join Helping Hands, please contact

Helping Hands

We Do Not Accept:

  • Cribs (Requests for cribs will be sent to the general membership so we can arrange delivery directly to the family.  We have had challenges keeping track of pieces and parts.)


  • Double jogging strollers and bike trailers (Requests for these items will be sent to the general membership and delivery can be arranged between donor and recipient.)


  • Maternity clothes,  breast pumps and bottles. 

  • Maternity and pregnancy guide books. (English is a second language for many of our Helping Hands families. Consider posting these for free in the MPPOM classifieds on BigTent to pass along to other parents.)

  • Car seats and car seat bases older than four years.
We Do Accept:

  • Toys of all kinds   (Please put puzzles in bags so

              the pieces are not lost)

  • Children's clothing

  • Strollers  (single and double)

  • Diapers

  • Children's books

  • Swings, rockers,  etc.

  • Bikes

  • Car Seats and booster seats LESS THAN FOUR YEARS old. 


Donation Guidelines
  • Please sort your clothing donations by size.

  • If items have several parts, please bag small pieces and tape them to the item (e.g. screws for a crib) or clearly label separate large separate pieces so they don't get separated. 


  • Please make sure items are clean and in good condition.

What is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a philanthropic program that helps those who are having difficulty managing the financial burden of multiples. The program provides families with twins and triplets up to age 6 with donated clothing and equipment. Families graduate from the program on the 6th birthday of their youngest set of multiples. 

Contact Helping Hands
If you are in need of services supplied by Helping Hands or if you know someone in need, please contact us at for more information. 

Additionally, if you have questions about Helping Hands, want to make a donation or want to volunteer, please contact our Helping Hands Coordinators at  

Helping Hands is funded by gifts from MPPOM families.  Our program's success is also due to the generous clothing and equipment donations by our members (and friends).  Thank you for your continued donations and support.