MPPOM is a proud member of the Northern California Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs

We offer organized playdates to accommodate all well as Mom's Nights Out. 


Already a Member?

Held the first Friday of every month:

  • August 5

  • September 2

  • October 7

Meetings are held from 7:30  -  8:30 pm at

Blossom Birth in Palo Alto.

Blossom Birth will be moving to a new Palo Alto location in July or August. Check back here soon for the August 5th  meeting location.  

MPPOM is a volunteer-run organization that fosters community among diverse Peninsula families with multiples in common, supports families in conquering challenges common to the birth and raising of multiples, and celebrates the unique joys of having multiples. MPPOM is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Ready for a playdate?

Our monthly support group offers advice on feeding, sleeping, and getting out of the house.  

New parent of multiples?

Our monthly meetings cover everything from pregnancy to the all important "which stroller should I buy?"

Expecting multiples?

supporting families of the san francisco peninsula through
the adventure of raising twins, triplets and more!